Keeping your drugs safe
at every stage of their life cycle.

We help companies around the world achieve regulatory compliance at every stage of the development process.

Small but highly specialised

We've streamlined our processes to meet all your pharmacovigilance requirements. With a highly flexible approach, we can grow with you, from clinical through to post-approval.

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Step 1
Proven track record

We've been around since 1999. Nothing impassions us more than the love for our work and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Step 2
We prioritise flexibility

When working with us, you don't have to pay for the large overheads that bigger providers have. Everything is done in-house and flexible, at a fraction of the cost.

Step 3
Transparent communication

Unlike a lot of service providers, when you work with us you'll be in direct contact with our lead pharmacovigilance consultants, meaning quick response times.

Step 4
Laser focus expertise

We've maintained a clear focus on our area of expertise: quality assurance for pharmacovigilance. As such, we are in direct contact with many National Competent Authorities across the EU.

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Our partners & customers

No one accomplishes anything alone. We are very grateful to our partners, clients, and collaborators who are helping us along the way.

Caroline Navarre
CEO, VigiPharm

"Calin is one of the most organised and passionate trainers and auditors I know. He is continually aware of regulation of pharmacovigilance and is always available for questions. A pleasure to work with."

John Borg
Post-Licensing Director, Medicines Authority

"If you need expertise in eudravigilance and article 58 compliance. Calin will solve the problem. He is highly recommended."

Claude Touche
General Manager, eVeDrug

"Constantly trying to anticipate regulation. Efficiency, integrity and candour ... A 'beautiful' person!"

Ander Sologuren
Pharmacovigilance, FAES FARMA

"Outstanding professionalism, high quality expertise and in-depth knowledge of pharmacovigilance quality assessments and consultancy. Creative solutions and impeccable team working."

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